Hitman Absolution (PS3)

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With a plot as twisting and colourful as the wildest Hollywood thriller, Hitman: Absolution grabs hold of your imagination and don’t let go.

Professional hitman Agent 47 works for the Agency, an international organisation offering expert assassination services to governments, intelligence agencies and corporate clients. Most of the Agency’s targets are high profile criminals or groups thought to pose a threat to global security, and Agent 47 is skilled at dispatching them with minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

A consummate professional (complete with a sinister barcode tattoo on the back of his naked scalp), Agent 47 never lets emotion cloud his judgement – but now he’s been given the trickiest contract of his career. In recent months, Agent 47’s long-term Agency handler, Diana, has disappeared – though not before wiping the organisation’s files and throwing its business into chaos. Now Diana has been located, and the Agency wants her dead. Agent 47 is given the job, but the world of the contract killer is shrouded in shadow, where desire, ambition and greed collide and moral confusion is never far away.

Troubled by Diana’s actions, Agent 47 begins to question his assignment – which makes him a target of his own employer and sparks a manhunt of epic proportions. Amid a maelstrom of murder, intrigue and doubt, soon only one certainty remains: Agent 47 will have to use every skill he’s learned if he’s to survive and uncover the truth.


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The Game, Manual and Case are all in fantastic condition as is reflected in the photos. 

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