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Duke Nukem Forever on PlayStation 3 kicks off 12 years after the events of the alien invasion of Earth in Duke Nukem 3D on PS one. Duke is now a hero, a worldwide icon who has achieved fame and fortune through his heroic deeds.

Unfortunately for Duke, Earth is about to be invaded once more by the Cycloid alien race, who are hell-bent on destroying him, conquering the world and capturing every woman on the planet for their own nefarious needs.

Playing as the quick-witted Duke through this epic action-packed adventure, your goal is simple: save the babes of planet Earth, close a giant wormhole that's acting as a portal for hordes of alien creatures and defeat the hulking Cycloid emperor. Sounds easy, right? Of course, it is - you're the Duke. So grab a gun, load up on bubblegum and kick some extraterrestrial butt.

Duke Nukem Forever is a first-person shooter that's bustling with hilarious action, giant explosions and crude jokes. Playing as Duke you wield a huge arsenal of weaponry including shotguns, rocket launchers, pistols and machine guns. You can only hold two weapons at any one time, so be sure to pick up any guns enemies may drop, should you find yourself running low on ammo.

You also have the ability to equip a number of explosives, including laser tripwire mines and pipe bombs. The mines are perfect for laying traps for unsuspecting enemies, while pipe bombs can be thrown and detonated from a safe distance using a detonator switch.

There are other power-ups perfect for some of the more tense shoot-outs including beer, which can be drunk to enhance your strength and a device called a Holoduke. This gadget creates a hologram of Duke that looks and acts just like him and can be used to deceive enemies.

There is a huge range of hideous alien creatures that you're going to have to battle including shotgun-wielding pigs and floating octopuses called Octabrains. You're also going to have to face off against skyscraper-sized bosses that can only be killed using explosive rounds of ammunition - so stock up on them every chance you get.

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The Game, Manual and Case are all in fantastic condition as is reflected in the photos.

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