Anda Seat Jungle Series Gaming Chair (Black/Red)

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AD+ Design
AndaSeat has invested in human engineering for over 10 years and created the AD+ design. AD+ design applies the science of ergonomic for the chair workplace, intending to maximize the healthy seating hours by reducing fatigue and discomfort. AD+ design significantly improves the sitting health for gamers, office workers and people anytime, anywhere sitting on chairs.

AD+ PVC Leather
The AD+ PVC leather is used on the high-end AndaSeat chairs, offering smooth bonded PVC leather with scratch and stain resistance. The high-end quality of the material was designed and made with the total comfort of humankind in mind. Not only it is easy to clean, but also much stronger to keep the shape to last. AD+ PVC leather does not contain any harmful amounts of elements, perfect for adults and kids.

*Physical test performed by SGS for strength, resistance, stability,

*Chemical test performed by SGS about Lead, Cadmium, DMF, Phthalates, PAHs.

Lock Your Comfort With AD+ Reclining Back
The reclining back tilts 90~160 degrees with an angle lock at different positions. The AD+ Recline supports multi-functional tilt Mechanism handles heavy-duty, provides you with full control over the suspension of the chair. It has an adjustable tilt for increasing and decreasing tension by matching the bodyweight of the user for effortless, secure and sturdy rocking, without putting fatigue on muscles.

Engaging Into A Luxurious Sitting Experience With AD+ Memory Pillows
Upgrade your experience with AD+ Memory Pillows, sensitive to pressure and temperature, moulds to the shape of your body. Support your sitting posture to the next level.

Adjustable Armrests Offer Personalized Support
Adjust up and down to the exact angle you need to protect your carpal tunnel. The PU covered surface provides firm supports to your elbows.

50mm PU Covered Wheel
The wheels enable effortless movement without scuffing up all surfaces.

PU covered wheels were designed to remain still and provide the stability you need when gaming with the feeling of sturdy and smooth.

TitanSteelAD+ Framework
The XL size TitanSteelAD+ Framework is made of 100% steel, bent with no cut which enables the truly lasting lifetime use. Precisely manufactured high quality 22mm diameter steel frame is covered with a lifetime warranty. Only the best 2mm thick seamless steel is produced to ensure your chair will last the course of time.

Oc-TopsAD+ Aluminum Base
Oc-TopsAD+ Aluminum base has been designed and built to provide impressive stableness and durability.

Anda seat Jungle backrest
Anda seat Jungle seat base
M Aluminium five star base
Screw kit
M Head pillow
M Lumbar pillow
Heavy-duty class 4 hydraulic piston
Dust cover
Side cover *2
M heavy duty Multi-functional tilt mechanism
Armrest *2
M Universal Casters *5

Max 180cm
Loading weight rocking 110kg
Loading weight static 150kg