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Lumbar Pillow XL Kiaser Black

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Expected release date is 29th Oct 2021

Product Description

Unrivaled Memory Foam

Gently take the burden off your lower back muscles and adjust to your favorite posture with ergonomic design, giving you the personalized support. Also prevent you from slouching while gaming or working for long hours by filling in the space between your back and backrest.



Unrivaled Memory Foam

Excellent in adjusting to fit the user, responding to pressure and body heat to be more supple when lean on, and returning to its original shape once the pressure or heat is gone. Features incomparable sturdiness for back and head support, increasing comfort while working long hours at the desk.

High - end PVC Leather Cover

Engineered in Cotton Coated Tech, Anda Seat PVC leather was made even softer, scratch - resistant, and extremely tough, ensuring you everlasting durability in years to come. Built only in premium quality, it features fine textures and a matte finish, classy for all time.

Hypoallergenic 3D Mesh Design

Features mesh design for good airflow properties, keeping you cool and preventing sweat accumulation. It’s also hypoallergenic and odor - free. Just take Anda Seat lumbar pillows with you anywhere and sit with maximum comfort, such as your car, office, living room, airplane...etc.

Detachable Cover & Easy to Clean

Its cover can be easily removed with a zipper on the back, you can take out the memory foam and let it catch some rays after used for a long time, then it would feel like brand new. No need of frequent cleaning due to its stain - resistant PVC leather, just wipe it with a damp cloth when needed.


Warranty Information

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