Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Audio is here!! There is a couple of question marks though.

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The latest software update for the Nintendo Switch is finally bringing a feature to the Switch that the Nintendo community has been asking for since the launch of the console back in 2017.You could say that after such a long period of time we would be hoping for potentially a little more than what we received. The Nintendo Switch once updated to 13.0.0 you will finally be able to use your Bluetooth Headset for audio. YAY right? But there is a couple of caveats: you will not be able to use your Bluetooth Microphone which is oh so disappointing and local wireless communication is also disabled.

We have been keeping up to date with comments and feedback from different individuals within the Nintendo Community and while most do not seem to be having an issue we have seen multiple complaints about Apple Airpods not functioning correctly with the Switch, these complaints all seem to be same and that is that the volume is extremely low and the game play cannot be heard. We honestly haven't had this issue when we tested this functionality with our Airpods Gen II. They work perfectly.

The community has been quite vocal in its desire to have this feature and clearly Nintendo have decided to listen but why do we have no Microphone access? Why is Nintendo insisting users download a mobile app to chat on games like Super Smash Brothers and Splatoon 2. With the huge transition to online gaming and massive battle royales being available on the switch as it is (Fortnite and Apex Legends) what is the reason behind this limitation?

Is this maybe the start? Are Nintendo ramping up features for the Switch OLED?

Here is Nintendo's exact update notes verbatim (We include these to ensure you get all the info you are looking for)

Latest version: 13.0.0 (Distributed September 15, 2021)

Performing the System Update:

In most situations, the Nintendo Switch will automatically download the most recent system update while it is connected online. You can verify your current menu version and manually start the update from the System Settings menu if necessary.

If you are unable to perform the system update, restart your console and try again.

Version 13.0.0 Released on 15/09/2021

Bluetooth® audio support was added.

  • Headphones, earbuds, speakers, and other audio devices that connect with Bluetooth can now be paired with Nintendo Switch family systems for audio output.
    • Bluetooth microphones are not supported.
    • Up to two compatible wireless controllers can be connected to the system while using Bluetooth audio.
    • Bluetooth audio cannot be used while local wireless communication is active.
    • Depending on the Bluetooth audio device, there may be some audio delay.
    • For more information, see How to Pair and Manage Bluetooth Audio Devices.

“Update Dock” was added under System in System Settings for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch – OLED Model systems, allowing for software updates to Nintendo Switch docks with a LAN port.

  • Dock software updates are not available for Nintendo Switch docks without a LAN port.
  • This feature was not added to Nintendo Switch Lite.
  • For more information, see How to Update the Dock Firmware.

“Maintain Internet Connection in Sleep Mode” was added under Sleep Mode in System Settings.

  • When this setting is enabled, systems with wired internet connections will maintain internet connection even while in sleep mode. This allows for software and add-on content to download to the system while the system is in sleep mode.
    • The setting is enabled by default.
  • When this setting is disabled, the system will connect to the internet only periodically, which decreases power consumption and delays downloads while in sleep mode.

Note: Systems that are not updated to version 13.0.0 or later behave as if this setting is enabled.

The method to initiate “Calibrate Control Sticks” in System Settings was changed.

  • From System Settings, go to Controllers and Sensors, select Calibrate Control Sticks, then fully tilt the control stick in any one direction and keep it tilted for a few seconds to begin calibration.

Users can now view whether their wireless internet connection is using the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequency band under “Connection Status” after selecting Internet in System Settings.”

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

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