Assassins Creed Valhalla Wrath of Druids is out NOW!

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As those of you would know from our previous review of Assassin's Creed Valhalla we are big fans of the game and the franchise in general bar a couple of games that really didn't sit well with us. 

In any case the DLC Wrath of Druids is now available. 


Now how does it stack up compared to the rest of the game? Well for us time will tell as due to some other projects we aren't able to do an in depth review but what we can tell you is so far so good bar a few glitches which again seem to be directly linked to quick resume. 

I did forget to get some footage of the error which honestly will come up again anyway as it has happened a few times now but basically when using quick resume there is a bug where the game will not allow you to save and you need to reset your game to save which of course defeats the whole purpose of quick resume. As soon as I get the footage I will upload it. 

The game now allows you to explore Ireland and all its glory while it is trying to unify under one true king. 

Now as I said we haven't had a lot of time to play yet but so far it has been enjoyable and our tip is try and acquire as many trade posts as you can as fast as you can as these will help in the long run. Keep in mind you will have to wait for a certain mission before that is possible but its quite clear when you are able to do it. 

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