Assassins Creed Valhalla (Reviewed on The Xbox Series X)

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Assassins Creed Valhalla (Reviewed on The Xbox Series X)

I have spent a total of 80 hours on my save file in Assassins Creed Valhalla (which will now just be referred to as Valhalla) Now while I have not played every single Assassins Creed game I can tell you I have played the majority some I have enjoyed quite thoroughly while others I have actually stopped playing entirely partway through.

To be honest my absolute favourite is Assassins Creed Black Flag. That game did venture outside the normal Assassins Creed map structure. It was also recently released on the Nintendo Switch, which I had to purchase and play again. I honestly didn’t think I would find a game that would top my experience of the Assassins Creed franchise, especially because after Black Flag I found them pretty lacklustre some of these as I said I stopped playing because I just got bored.

Valhalla is different the story is fantastic the graphics, textures and detail are just gorgeous. Honestly what I wouldn’t give to play through it again with fresh eyes. When you start playing the game you play as the character Eivor a very quick-witted and strong Viking sailing to England to create alliances (For those who haven’t played yet I am doing my best to not give out any spoilers)

You get to travel around the map in multiple ways as well depending on what tickles your fancy, you can fast travel, ride on horseback or take your customisable Longship from dock to dock raiding (yes I said raiding) any village, monetary or military operation you come across. Longship customisation is cool but I wasn’t overly excited about the horse customisation it didn’t intrigue me although I did like that you can train the horse to swim as an example which was different and not something I remember from any of the previous games. One cool feature is that you can use a raven to get a Birdseye view of the area to identify targets or hidden passages that you just can’t see.

The story takes you all over England and for those interested in history it is taken place I believe a short time after Ragnar Lothbrok died while he is mentioned in the game he has nothing to do with the plot. Although you might meet some of his family along the way.

For myself, an important part of reviewing a game is what takes place after the main story? Are there still things of interest that can be done? Or do you just aimlessly walk around chopping peoples heads off? As an example, I felt Zelda Breath of The Wild while a fantastic game in its own right did not offer much in the way of interesting developments it was just sort of done yet not done eg: you have destroyed the main boss yet he is not dead and it’s done nothing for the story and you can just keep doing that for fun? It just felt a little lazy. Valhalla on the other hand stands out you can easily put in another 40 hours of entertaining gameplay even after you complete the main story. As you can easily leave some other big tasks and missions for later fun as you have more input into the storyline.

By now you are either thinking wow I need to get this game or this guy has a very weird obsession with this game. Well, let me tell you an area of which let the game down quite badly and we still aren’t 100% sure this is what caused the issue but as some of you may know the Series X console has a “quick resume” function. This will allow multiple games to run in the background of your Xbox at the same time so they are ready to play instantly when you turn on your Xbox. You can switch so fast between games it’s incredible and from turning off your Xbox to being in-game it takes you longer to sit down. But here is the big issue it doesn’t seem to be fully developed yet, I had massive rendering issues in Valhalla to the point I couldn’t finish a mission and had to back out and “close the application” entirely otherwise I just had a blobby horse and some weird blobby man tied up on the back of it. (Kidnap mission) It was probably the one thing that caused me the most irritation it wasn’t that much of a big deal for me but still caused a couple of hiccups in gameplay like random bodies having weird seizures on the floor which was not meant to happen.

In saying all of that though so far Call of Duty goes into a fit when quick resume attempts to work on that and so does GTA5 but I’ve had no issue with Kakarot or Jurassic Park. So clearly it’s just some games. I have digressed Valhalla even with these flaws which will hopefully get fixed in an upcoming update is a fantastic game and is definitely recommended by us here at The Low Grade Gamer.

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