An unboxing of the Hyperkin Retron 1 HD NES Clone

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Today I am going to be presenting to you the Hyperkin RetroN 1 HD NES Clone. As we bring in new Hyperkin stock and consoles, we will continue to produce unboxing videos and gameplay videos so that you can get a virtual hands-on experience.

As you can see straight out of the box we are greeted with the console as well as the controller once we dive into the packaging we are greeted with the standard AV cables, a micro USB cable keep in mind there is no power adapter in most circumstances a mobile phone adapter works perfectly or in the office, we plug it into the back of the Xbox and lastly an HDMI cable.

Now let’s have a look at the controller which of course is a fantastic nod to the original NES controller with one key difference in that the controller is more ergonomically friendly hence what you see here on the back. Keep in mind all of Hyperkin’s consoles that we have stocked to date have the same peripheral connection as the original console. This means you can use your original hardware with this clone console.

Lastly, we have the instruction manual and the console this console is a top mount console so your 72 pin connection is on top, Looking at the front you can see they have used the same style as the original NES as well as the same controller ports as the original.

On the back of the console, there are the standard connections I spoke of earlier with your standard AV Cables, HDMI Cable and Micro USB connection plus the addition of a switch to change the console from a 16:9 format to a 4:3 which I think is a fantastic addition as it caters to more users.

At the bottom of the console, you will see this switch which states NTSC or PAL for those of you who don’t know this is directly linked to which countries games you are going to be playing to keep it brief NTSC is 60Hertz and PAL is 50 Hertz being in Australia you are going to want to ensure the switch is flicked to PAL

Overall we think the RetroN 1HD is a fantastic console that brings the Retro gaming experience we all dearly love back to our homes using connections that work with our standard HD TV’s

If you want to know anything else about this console or any other Hyperkin console we stock then please email us at

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