A History of Gaming from Certain Point of View (Part 2)

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In order to keep these blog posts linear we thought it would be nice to start where we feel it began and that’s with the Atari now don’t get me wrong there was plenty of gaming avenues out at this point, whether that be arcade machines or other consoles released but for us here at The Low Grade Gamer we feel it was the Atari that brought home consoles to a whole new level it was initially released in 1977 and wasn’t officially discontinued until 1992 that’s a long time for any console. Especially because the changes that were made to console were realistically only slight especially compared to today’s standards.

They also had to recover from a huge market crash in the sector in 1983. This was truly the definition of a crash a sector worth over $3 Billion was slashed to a “measly” 100 Million. If you look across multiple sources for the initial reasons behind the crash most sum it up quite easily that is that the games were rubbish. The quality just wasn’t there but the quantity was, herein lies the problem there were so many games available but they didn’t appeal to the masses.

Now for the team here the Atari was a little before our time but we all know the story we all know the games and I mean let’s be honest even if you weren’t into gaming at all. everyone knew Pacman and Space Invaders. Pacman alone sold over 7 million copies. 

Now as I said earlier there is a bunch of other consoles in between and we are jumping ahead but this is based on what we saw in our own lives and the consoles that we saw in our own lives.

The NES hit the global market in 1985 -1986 most of us and by us I mean the team here caught the end of the NES era usually through older family members that had one sitting at home. This triggered most of us though I still remember playing Super Mario Bros at a friends house on repeat because his aunty gave the console to him after his much older cousin moved out of the home. As I said for most of us this was the trigger point the push to acquire as much pocket money as possible because we all knew the next Nintendo Entertainment System was soon going to hit the shelves. We wanted to part of the next revolution in gaming!

Now as we don’t wish to keep these Podcasts/Blogs to long for our listeners and or readers we will stop here for now next we will discuss the Super Nintendo.

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