A History of Gaming from a certain point of view (Part 1)

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Being “Gamers” is an interesting term and a term that over the years has changed gaming used to be something that was more for a minority then the majority. What I mean by that is the traditional image for a Gamer has changed look at your friends and family did they game before or after a certain console came out?

I look at the dynamic between my friends, family and colleagues when did Gaming become the majority? Because growing up it never used to be not on going anyway, some kids would get into a game or 2 from time to time but rarely did they play like us.

As an example I know for a fact none of my friends played Zelda Ocarina of Time but they ALL played yup you guessed it Golden Eye after that most stopped gaming some of course continued from time to time with games like Grand Theft Auto but they never played ANY of the Final Fantasy series.

In this Blog series called a History of Gaming from a certain point of view. Myself and the team will share our own experiences plus do some research behind some of the most popular Retro gaming consoles and Modern gaming consoles how did the consoles we know and love come into being?

Have you got your own story you would like to share with us? Email us as support@thelowgradegamer.com.au So we can feature you in our weekly blog.


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